8th October 2018

A few things a website doesn't tell you.

Behind kaos
Who is kaos? The real kaos.

Marcus — The "real" kaos is the successful cooperation between our clients and us: Katrin Ostermeier and Marcus Rübbe. We are two business coaches and together with our clients we build work contexts and cooperation structures that enable all participants to create innovative results/solutions for an attractive future in our digitalized (agile, volatile, dynamic and complex) working environment.

Katrin continues — We are both enthusiastic about working with people and enabling deep transformation by creating efficient, creative and also fun (!!!) contexts for development.

Marcus — We call this “transformation journey”. And we are the travel coaches on your transformation journey.

Why did you start on this? What was the trigger as coaches and as acompany?

Katrin— I have had the pleasure (and also the pain…) to work in very various work environments throughout my professional career. Starting with the buzzing, exciting and also harsh political world of the European Parliament, moving on to the professional, competitive and incredibly fast environment of the City of London and then experiencing the laid back but hierarchical and bulky organization of a public company in Munich. I learnt that the context people work in has a deep impact on personal development –starting with organizational structures, to leadership styles and to teamsettings. I learnt that depending on the context people will either thrive and gain true satisfaction from their work or that they might see their energy go to waste, get depressed and feel burnt out. As a “political scientist” I find the correlation between systems and people fascinating and this is how I discovered the world of coaching and organizational development.

Marcus — At the age of 12, I could spend a lot of free time with other children in outdoor camps. And then I was simply electrified by the dynamics, energy and results that can be achieved when people work together in teams towards a common goal. (…) On my journey as an employee in various companies and for 10 years as an independent entrepreneur, I have gained a lot of useful experience in this context and now I am bringing them all into kaos; together with Katrin. Because I still believe in the synergy of 1+1=10, in the phrase “together we can achieve more” and in the power of “collective intelligence”.

What’s your perception of coaching? Where do you see one of the multiple challenges in companies or people?

Marcus — For us, being a coach and doing coaching is first and foremost an inner attitude and a strong point of view, which we always adopt from new. And this point of view means: We put people at the center of our work. Because only the people themselves can bring about the differences that we need in today’s and tomorrow’s work environment in order to develop and grow our potential.

Katrin — As a professional coach you accompany people through challenging situations – so in my opinion the first and most important thing a coach should possess is humility. As a good coach you will havea nice repertoire of tools – however, first of all, YOU are the tool. This requires empathy and a very high degree of self-awareness that you have to work on constantly.

With regard to coaching, a huge challenge for companies is the question if they are really prepared to accept the consequences a coaching process might bring out. Going deep into structures and questioning them might require change – and this means accepting some sort of chaos at first. You can imagine how well this goes with the German need for structure 😉

Marcus — (…) It is not the techniques themselves that make people grow. It is the people themselves who use the techniques accordingly for development, innovation and transformation.

Your work is way too personal. How does it work when a new client comes up? Is there a fit so the collaboration work at its best?

Marcus — The key to the success of our coaching lies in a personal, usually long-lasting and intensive cooperation with our clients. To achieve this, we need relationships based on trust. With out these, professional coaching, is not possible.And this is exactly what we communicate transparently with our potential new clients right from the start in order to find out exactly what they and we need. We have developed our own kaos -FIT-criteria for this purpose. Simply said: There must be a healthy fit between our client and us at all levels, otherwise we don’t coach. And yes, although very rarely, we reject coaching requests.

Katrin — They are our pre-requisite to be working with our clients. They are a protection for both our clients and ourselves – to make sure that we don’t waste time, money and energy.  We won’t work with clients who want to hire us to sort out their problems. We support our clients so that they can sort out their problems themselves – this requires a lot of commitment.

Marcus — A healthy fit requires 3 basic criteria or requirements: 

1. The client’s commitment. He must say YES to the change and also mean YES.

2.   If he said YES, integrity is another requirement for successful coaching. This can be well expressed in “walk your talk”.

3.   And finally, trust is crucial and mutual. Coaching is always a matter of trust and this always begins with leap of faith.

Only if customers and kaos have agreed on these conditions, it starts. Then the transformation journey can begin and stands on solid feet right from the start. The collaboration work at its best!

Can you tell us a bit more about the transformation journey?

Marcus — For us, change is not an unexpected event or a one-day training course and no advice-consulting either. For us, change is a process that happens constantly. And therefore, it takes time and a certain attitude. There are no quick miracles or golden ways. And above all this is asocial process, which means that people are involved.

Katrin — Like with every journey we define the framework: Who are the players? What is the goal? Which are our requirements? At kaos we define all those things together with our clients.  It is their journey and we are the travel-guides. We build “change teams” involving different relevant stakeholders of the organization. We train “intrapreneurs” to work hand in hand with our team to implement changes. And we work in iterations, which allows us to react to challenges immediately. It is a very unique approach that we call “Agile Empowerment”. People are at the center of our process …

Marcus — … After all, people change the world. They make the difference.

© kaos GmbH | Landwehrstraße 35, 80336 Munich
© kaos GmbH | Landwehrstraße 35, 80336 Munich