About KAOS

Chaos as opportunity

KAOS stands for Katrin Ostermeier (the founder of KAOS) and for chaos - the space of possibilities and potential. KAOS means to see chaos as an opportunity – as a person, as a team and as a company.

I do not work with standardized concepts and methods, but design processes and workshops individually and always in close cooperation with my customers. After all, you are the expert for your own topic. As coach, it is my job to accompany your development, to create a suitable framework, to provide the right methods and to involve more skills (such as colleagues) if necessary. This is why KAOS has a strong partner network.

Katrin Ostermeier


KAOS is not a "job" for me, but my profession. It takes passion, brain power and a lot of energy to go the extra mile. Since 2014 I have been accompanying people, teams and companies to see supposed chaos as an opportunity, to be open to new perspectives and to be optimistic about the future.

I started my professional life in 2004 as a political scientist (M.A.) in the European Parliament in Brussels and worked for several years in the international finance industry in London.

M.A. Business Coaching & Change Management
training in systemic and agile organisational development as well as business coaching and generative coaching.
Training as a mediator (2023/2024)


Partner Network

The complex issues and requirements of the modern working world require different expertise, approaches, methods, perspectives and sometimes even types. That's why I work with a network of competent colleagues with different areas of expertise and wealth of experience. Our cooperative partnership enables us to flexibly and specifically tailor projects to the needs of our customers and thus create the greatest added value. Because 1+1 can be much more than 2!

Petra Bauhofer

As a consultant, trainer and coach, she develops managers and teams with heart, brain and, above all, with a lot of humor. She accompanies (large) organizational change processes and coaches individuals through a wide range of challenges.

Julia Halm

Anti-bias trainer and founder of BrückenBauen gUG. She is an expert in culture and diversity in companies and is an idealist who advocates for equal rights and against discrimination. She coaches international and intercultural teams and gives new work topics a new depth.

Florian Hummel

Training consultant, business trainer and business coach. He designs and advises on individual training designs and workshop formats and is an expert for hybrid and virtual events - be it technical, methodical or in the moderator role. Develops teams online, hybrid and in person - indoors and outdoors. His new hobbyhorse: AI.

Verena Helbing

Trainer, Coach and Facilitator. She creates space for development - for individuals and teams, especially for power women. As an improv actress, she brings a lot of movement, creativity and, above all, enthusiasm to her workshops. Her favourite topic: boundaries. To feel and confidently maintain them and thereby get into the flow.

KAOS Super Powers

The KAOS superpowers are the steady companions for KAOS coachings: fundamental attitudes to guide people, teams and companies through chaos; enablers for change, development and transformation.