KAOS Expertise

Coaching. Facilitation.
Team- and Organisational Development.

We support you as an individual, team and as an entire organization to build on your resources and master challenges on your own. Our many years of experience and in-depth skills in the field of coaching and organizational development enable us to support our customers comprehensively and sustainably. We work systemically: This means that we always keep an eye on both the people and the context and start at the level that makes sense at the moment.

solution-focused COACHING

We support people in taking reflective decisions and facing challenges with confidence. We coach managers to live professional modern leadership and to offer employees a clear direction and space for development.



We help develop motivated and self-organized teams that act (not react!) competently in a dynamic environment and under complex requirements. That means teamwork, efficient cooperation, clear communication, common goals, a strong vision and fun at work - face-to-face, virtual or hybrid.



As facilitators, we design and lead dynamic, creative and inspiring group processes. This means connecting people with topics, content with fun at work, releasing potential and using the collective creativity and intelligence in the room.



Together with our customers we develop individual organizational structures that offer suitable answers to the dynamics and complexity of the modern working world. In this way, we enable teams and companies to be future-ready and innovative.



As conflict coaches, we support people, teams and organizations in restoring self-control and the ability to act in tense situations and in developing viable solutions.


What the KAOS-clients say:

“Teamwork is an essential element of police work. KAOS has been instrumental in helping us expand our teamwork to extend cooperation with external partners. Despite language and cultural differences, we have succeeded in initiating a trend-setting prevention project with refugees.”

Andreas Franken | Press Officer- Munich Police Department

"Since the company was founded in 2014, KAOS has been an indispensable partner who supports us in every step of our development. Our annual team coaching is always a highlight, where we develop personally and as a team. This is mainly due to the structured and equally personable approach of our favorite coach, Katrin."

Sophia Simon | Managing Director - accu:rate GmbH

„Thank you for helping this team unlock a situation that seemed hopeless. Your level of empathy, your capacity to listen and read systems without judgement is very impressive. You are excellent at what you do and I have learned a lot looking at you. Keep your heart warm and open, it makes this world a better place!"

Soraya Ferahita | Airbus BizLab

"I have valued the collaboration with Katrin and the KAOS team for many years. I do team coaching with KAOS several times a year with my team. Especially in a startup like UNIO, the team is the most important and valuable asset for the success of the company."

Katrin Bacic | CEO - UNIO Enterprise

"First impressions count - Katrin Ostermeier is a first-class, empathetic and loyal moderator for our key management onboarding events, who guides our new colleagues through 3 days and represents Korian Germany. We would also like to thank her for the wonderful and developing feedbacks for our internal lecturer relationships. Excellent communication skills are one of Katrin's top talents."

Katharina Ciomperlik | Head of HR Learning & Development/ Korian Academy - Korian Germany

"The outcome of our virtual team coaching workshops was excellent, in some cases even better than in person. In addition to the professional excellence of the trainer, this also requires good technical preparation and practiced handling of the technology during the coaching. Both are the case with Katrin Ostermeier. Another advantage: the organization and logistics of the events were much more time-saving in comparison.”

Johanna Krichling | Leiterin Versicherungsbetrieb-Service - ADAC Versicherung AG

"For me, employee development and team coaching are key to company success. After team days or individual coaching with Katrin from KAOS, we feel like we have more power and positive energy in the company. Thank you for the great support!"

Georg Langner | CEO - IEA International Trading GmbH

"Katrin is not only a first-class moderator, but also an inspiring source of inspiration. Her ability to manage creative group processes has helped us to release potential and use collective intelligence. Her coaching is flexible and accurate - exactly what we need to be even more successful with enna in the future."

Georg Langner | CEO - IEA International Trading GmbH

"For me, coaching works best on a concrete case. The external 1:1 coaching at KAOS is the perfect tool for me when I'm stuck in a dead end - Katrin is extremely flexible and gives me the right impulses for every question."

Philipp Besser | Director Business Development - QPLIX GmbH

"Once again, a big compliment! Your moderation, commitment and especially your personality made the event fly. I really enjoyed following your moderation."

Isabelle Bettmer | Managing Director - placebotheater

"KAOS are one of the best I have ecountered!
Exhausting, yes... But very effective.
In 15 years at Airbus, I have never had this level of connection with my colleagues, also considering that it is a team with 4 different locations!!!
Now yes, we are a team! Winning team!"

Pedro Luzon | Airbus BizLab