from Start-up to Grown-up

What it was abaout


An IT company founded in 2014 is successfully asserting itself on the market and outgrowing its structures. The team has grown, the processes have been professionalized and the strategy has been dynamically adapted several times. In order to provide the right framework for the new circumstances, a holistic development was necessary - from a start-up company to a future-ready organization with the employees at the centre and teamwork as a top priority.

What we did


Following the company philosophy, we aimed to involve employees as much as possible in the process. As with many startups, we had to pay attention to the balance between strengthening the role of management, especially with regard to their decision-making authority, and presenting this clearly in the process. (What do we decide together as colleagues within our "flat hierarchies"? What is the decision of the founders and managing directors?)

We followed a holistic system concept (cf. Glasl / Trigon):

  • Developing a new identity as a "grown-up": Who are we, who do we want to be, what contribution do we make to the world?
  • Development of a sustainable strategy for long-term positioning on the market
  • Establishing new structures as a basis for healthy growth
  • Defining roles and functions for efficient collaboration
  • Agreeing on common values ​​within the team for an individual and stable culture
  • Support with external communication (social media)

What inspired us

We love working with startups. Especially those that are not just about scaling and rapid growth, but about creating something meaningful and perhaps even unique. Here we were able to work with a visionary and reflective founder who has a true interest in building sustainable corporate structures and who puts her employees at the center. We were able to accompany a team that enjoys teamwork and wants to make a meaningful contribution to this world.

Feedbacks on the Project

"The mood has improved a lot. We all have a perspective and a goal again and know why and what we are doing this for."

Dr. Angelika Kneidl | Founder and CEO - accu:rate GmbH

"I still remember how excited I was after the first team day. I learned how important it is to simply give positive feedback."

Janik Scholl | Project Engineer - accu:rate GmbH

"KAOS is doing a great job. You have a strong sense of where we are as a team and what we need to tackle. The mood in the team is much better. What I think is really good is that we have worked out a lot of actions today to set up our strategy."

Thomas Bareth | Project Engineer - accu:rate GmbH

,,A lot has changed in the last few years. As we grow, we have to build processes and structures. External support gives us an outside perspective and the whole thing is more structured."

Sophia Simon | Business Development - accu:rate GmbH