We unleash organizational potential.

We empower organizations, teams and people to unlock their potential, so that they can realize their ideas and goals sustainably and make a meaningful contribution to the world.

With our commitment to our customers, we enable them to find purpose, add value to their activities and gain energy for innovation and transformation, for continuous development and growth.

We know that only people can shape change and thereby make a difference in this world. This is why we empower people.

We give people within organizations the attention and visibility they need to be active and successful, collaborate and have a fulfilling work-life in today's dynamic, complex and digitized world.

With our professional experience, our deep expertise and above all, our strong attitude, we empower you and your team to be part of the change, to shape it and to sustain it for the future..

Together with you we design tailored, creative and result-oriented processes that use, bundle and expose your resources.

We enable you to shape your transformation on your own and accompany you 100% professionally.

We design agile processes focusing on the here and now.

Our development processes range from the concept design to implementation, throughout all phases of the transformation process.

1. Contracting
  • We get to know each other.
  • Together, we analyse the situation and specify the goals.
  • Agreement to collaborate based on the kaos FIT-criteria.
2. Design
  • Tailored to your requirements.
  • Detailed design of the process steps in close cooperation with you.
  • Development of internal experts, so called “intrapreneurs”, who will drive the process from the inside.
3. Implementation
  • Agile empowerment: our development process in iteration loops.
  • Training ion attitudes, techniques and tools.
  • Systemic work on different levels.
4. Retrospective
  • After the journey is before the journey.
  • Review and feedback loops with all participants on process and results.
  • Lessons Learned with the intrapreneurs.
© kaos GmbH | Landwehrstraße 35, 80336 Munich
© kaos GmbH | Landwehrstraße 35, 80336 Munich