In addition to the coaching attitude, the Facilitation technique forms the foundation for all KAOS processes.

What do I mean by Facilitation or "Moderation"?

The term "moderation" is derived from the Latin word "moderare", which means something like "temper", "steer" or "control". Moderators or facilitators have the challenging task of creating a balance between TOPIC, GROUP and INDIVIDUAL. Of course, it is important to take the context into account. Not every method is suitable for every topic, every group and every format. Professional facilitation is about generating focussed participation and involving those who are affected and concerned. It is important that facilitators take responsibility for the process - and not for the content. They offer a safe environment and clear framework to enable open exchange, creative processes and focused work.

Facilitation with KAOS

The moderation technique is an important part of the KAOS philosophy: I design and steer dynamic, creative and inspiring group processes. Facilitation is also used to navigate change processes in an organizational context. Namely whenever people want to work on topics PARTICIPATIVELY and INTERACTIVELY. In professional and creatively designed processes, people are connected to topics, content combined with fun at work and potential is released as a result. And above all, the collective creativity and intelligence in the room is used!

Examples are
  • Leadership conferences
  • Team Development
  • Conflict facilitation
  • Strategy development
  • Vision work
  • Netzworking events
  • Panel discussions
  • Town Halls
  • Creative Workshops
  • Political conventions
  • and... and.... and....


facilitation methods (in German)