KAOS Key Issues

Our working world is undergoing massive upheaval. New concepts are needed to meet the challenges of the digital and ecological age. We develop teams and companies holistically and make them fit for the working world of the day after tomorrow.

Our key issues are therefore:

  • Innovation: Future readiness in the digital and ecological age
  • Agility: Sensible processes and structures in the chaotic "VUCA" world
  • New Work: Attractiveness as an employer for the working world of the future
KAOS-Thema Innovation


We see innovative power as a basic requirement for the future viability of modern companies.
Today's world is fast, dynamic and complex, competition is global and climate change is omnipresent. If you want to survive in the market, you have to face these challenges. The buzzword is “innovation”. We support visionary entrepreneurs and organizations in strengthening their innovative power and thus securing their future viability.

Today, the combination of digitization and globalization gives innovations a completely new dynamic and leads to a paradigm shift in our economic system: innovative strength trumps status and size. Competition no longer consists only of companies from the same industry. Through disruptive innovations, supposed underdogs succeed in knocking established market leaders off their iron thrones. The list is long and reads from Apple to Tesla to Google and Airbnb.

We are convinced that the devastating effects of climate change will determine our lives, our economies and our politics in the future - individually, socially and globally. From our point of view, the ecological challenges will be the biggest driver for innovations and will bring about a revolutionary change in our economic systems via products, services and supply chains. Politically driven, by customer demand or social pressure.

We enable future readiness and innovative strength by using the existing resources of our customers, releasing creativity and developing potential.


We see agility as a lever between the poles of stability and flexibility.
We support teams and companies in developing agile structures and processes. We are deeply convinced that the "ideal" form of organization is the one that suits the respective company, its culture, its goals and, in particular, its employees.

In the dynamic age of digitization, organizations must be flexible enough to be able to react quickly to chang. Rigid hierarchical structures do not offer a suitable framework for dealing with today's fast-paced dynamics. "Structure follows strategy" is a basic assumption for our work as innovative company developers: If a company strategically realigns, it must also rethink its structures. A big challenge in a dynamic environment.

The modern working world therefore produces new organizational models : flexible systems that can react quickly to market change; network structures that promote innovative spirit or even make it possible in the first place. With agile structures and processes, teams and companies can meet the challenges of the digital age. This means tearing down hierarchies and bureaucracy - and completely new skills are required from employees, especially managers.

Agile structures cannot be imposed - they have to be developed. And that includes the employees. Introducing self-organization hierarchically is not a funny oxymoron, but from our point of view a guarantee that an organization will plunge into crisis. Structures have to fit. The company and its employees.

Together with you, we develop modern, agile processes and structures to meet the growing dynamics and complexity of the digital age with virtuosity - tailor-made and individually for our customers.


We see New Work as contemporary opportunities for meaningful and motivating professional activity and collaboration.
For us, New Work is not about “hacks” or passing trends, but fundamental paradigm shifts for the modern working world.

The emergence of the so-called knowledge society is accompanied by a change in social values. Knowledge workers are self-confident and demanding - and due to the shortage of skilled labour, they are in high demand. Companies have to come up with something if they want to win the international competition for the brightest minds. This is exacerbated by demographic change: In Germany, the total population is shrinking steadily, and with it the population of working age. Surveys show that a safe workplace remains a top priority. At the same time, people don't want their job to set the pace. Flexibility is demanded. This relates both to self-determination about daily working hours and flexible employment models. The modern working world offers a large number of topics and challenges that will keep us very busy in the years to come.

Here is an insight into the KAOS world of thinking:

  • Working from home and anywhere: Modern communication technologies allow us to work independently of place and fixed times. The classic presence culture, which still measures performance with the formula "work divided by time", has become obsolete - at least since Corona showed up. For us, the future is "hybrid".
  • Compatibility of family and career or work-life integration: The answers from politics and business leave many questions unanswered. It's about creating purpose, about female leadership or about taking care of relatives. Modern employers are required to develop sensible and suitable offers and solutions.
  • Interculturality, internationality and diversity: The integration of migrants not only poses completely new challenges for society, but also for companies. Many employers hope to be able to compensate for the shortage of skilled workers through immigration. Concepts are required that prepare, sensitize and strengthen long-established and new employees.
  • Generations X, Y, Z: Values, attitudes towards work, motivators, leadership styles. The generational conflict in the corporate world is obvious. From our point of view, a logical consequence of the increased dynamics and complexity that we are all facing together.
We shape the working world of the future with you and increase your attractiveness as an employer - by conveying new work topics and developing tailor-made concepts.