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Development, innovation and transformation

Als kaos-Coaches und Developer sind wir auf Ihrer ganz individuellen Transformationsreise Ihre Reisebegleiter. Und zu Beginn jeder Reise steht die Planungder Rahmenbedingungen. Dieses „Development“ ist aus unserer Perspektive abhängig von 4 grundlegenden Bedingungen

The Journey

As kaos coaches we act as your travel guides on your individual journey of transformation. Every journey starts with planning the framework.  

From our perspective, "development"
depends on 4 basic conditions

1. A conscious decision

The basic requirement to enable development, innovation and transformation is a definite YES to all planned and unpredictable events on the transformation journey.

To give the word and to keep the word is success factor number 1.

2. First the attitude,
then the tools

Development, innovation and transformation are a matter of attitude and are closely linked to the way people think and behave.

Sustainable cultural change can only emerge when employees, teams and companies have the right mindset

3. Commitment, space and time

Development, innovation and transformation are time-consuming and energetically demanding processes. They are not based on ready-made solutions and are not a one-time event.

They must be accepted, implemented in stages and undertaken and lived by the people in the organization.

4. Focus on people

Development, innovation and transformation are "socio-active"and put people at the center of the process.

Change not only concerns people but is defined and shaped by them.   

Our compass for
every transformation journey

What makes us different

Every transformation journey is different. We design each process (step) together with you and tailor-made to your needs.


We design our journeys in iterations, and  work with creative and result-oriented processes, which we adapt dynamically to the respective circumstances.


We use your internal resources, actively integrate you in the process and enable you to anchor it within the company. Thus, the newly created structures are sustainably existent, and you are successful over the long term.

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